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The application from 7-Eleven store chain helps to earn bonus points and discounts. You can get access to new products that are not available to other buyers.


CLiQQ is an Android application created for customers of 7-Eleven chain of stores. Similar to Puregold Mobile, it is possible to earn redeemable points and discounts. You can receive information about promotions and offers.

Bonuses and discounts

The utility offers a loyalty program with a system of bonuses and discounts for its customers. It allows clients to save money on purchases. Users can earn points for their buying various items at 7-Eleven stores.

It is possible to get discounts for your next purchases. You may invite friends to use the app for more bonuses. There is an option to receive benefits from your transactions in the utility.

Moreover, this application gives you access to exclusive offers. You can get discounts that are not available to other buyers. Also, CLiQQ allows you to take advantage of promotions and get gifts when you buy certain products.

Additionally, it is possible to access new products that are not yet available to other clients. There are special offers or novelties that you can order through the application only. This helps to be the first to purchase new goods with additional discounts.

Orders and payments

It is necessary to add products to the cart to buy them via the application. CLiQQ generates a barcode for your order with information about the selected goods and payment methods. This allows you to pick up your purchases and settle without queuing at the checkout. Also, it is possible to attach your credit card to the utility.


  • allows you to get gifts for certain products;
  • it is possible to create an order through the application;
  • you can receive bonus points for discounts;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 64,3 Mb
OS version: Android 4.4
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