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Dexcom ONE

Dexcom ONE

The app is designed to monitor your blood glucose levels in real-time. You can view and analyze reports. There are high and low glucose notifications.


Dexcom ONE is an Android application to monitor users’ blood glucose levels. There are high and low-level warnings. It allows diabetics to respond to changes in time.

Glucose monitoring

Users can monitor glucose levels every 5 minutes from the Dexcom One sensor. It provides constant monitoring in real-time, just like in FreeStyle Libre 2. The application displays a graph of data on your smartphone screen. You can observe changes, namely the increase and decrease of indicators.

There is information about the duration of normal glucose levels. Moreover, there is a warning function for approaching critical values. It is possible to set notifications in sound or vibration mode.

The app allows you to set individual levels for high and low glucose alerts. It helps users to avoid critical situations such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. It is possible to make operational decisions regarding the use of glucose insulin or others. Dexcom ONE ensures safety for people with diabetes.


You can view your glucose reports over 3 to 90 days. It helps you to analyze your state of health. It is possible to save statistical information to print and share with the doctor.

The utility has information about the average glucose level of users. Moreover, there is an approximate value of HbA1C over a long period. This indicator shows the general state of health.

Reports provide you with important information to make decisions about diabetes care. It is possible to analyze the effectiveness of your treatment. It helps to keep your blood glucose levels stable.


  • it is possible to receive data from the Dexcom One sensor;
  • you can monitor your glucose level in real-time;
  • there are graphs and reports;
  • warning about high and low indicators is provided;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 10
Size: 70 Mb
OS version: Android 11
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