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Find My Phone

Find My Phone

This application allows you to locate your smartphone indoors. You can choose the ringtone and type of vibration to indicate the location of the mobile device.


Find My Phone is a utility for Android devices that allows you to locate your smartphone within a room by clapping or whistling. This application offers an easy solution for searching a lost gadget indoors.


In order to begin using this utility, it is necessary to configure the device to respond to sounds. On the first launch, you have to choose the interface language as well as grant access to the notification center and recording capabilities.

Similar to the Lost Android app, you need to activate the search function first. Once the feature is on, the utility will automatically respond to the sound of a double clap or a whistle.

Notification Options

Find My Phone offers you to choose the notification type that shows the location of your mobile device. Options include vibration, flashlight, and sound alerts. Flash settings can be adjusted to default, disco mode, or SOS. Vibration strength can also be manually set to strong, pulse, or tick-tock.

You can upload your own track for audio alerts. The app also includes a collection of sound notifications like cat meow, dog bark, whistle, doorbell, car horn, police whistle, trumpet sound, “hello,” and “hey, stay here” in a child’s voice. It is possible to preview these sounds using the built-in player.

This utility allows setting the duration of the audio signal, such as 15 seconds or a few minutes. There is an option to adjust the volume or disable the sound entirely, opting for light and vibration alerts only.


  • allows you to quickly locate a smartphone in a room;
  • there are simple usage instructions;
  • customizable alert signals;
  • utilizes artificial intelligence technology;
  • multilingual interface;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 218
Size: 23,2 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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