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Google Duo

Google Duo

This official application provides access to free video and voice calls. Users can text each other, make group conferences, and share short video clip messages.


Google Duo is an Android application that offers convenient video chatting functionality. Thanks to this utility, users can simultaneously communicate with multiple contacts.


Users may not only make video calls but also send messages in the form of short video clips. To create a record, you can simply open the camera directly within the app and tap the button at the bottom of the screen.

Once the video is recorded, users can edit it before sending it to someone. They can add text of any color and draw using a marker, pen, or a pencil.

It is possible to share recorded videos with your contacts. To do so you need to select users from your address book and hit a send button. Please note that the messages will reach recipients only if they also use Google Duo.


Similar to Skype, you can make a voice or video call with one or more users at the same time. To do so it is necessary to select contacts displayed at the bottom of the homepage.

If a user from the address book does not have Google Duo installed, you can send them an invitation message. It is possible to do so within the utility.

It is important to mention that a maximum of eight individuals can join a video call at the same time.


  • official Google app for video chatting;
  • users can make video and voice calls without limitations;
  • it is possible to share short clip messages;
  • there is no advertising content.
  • up to eight individuals can join a video call at the same time;
  • application is free to download and use;
  • compatible with supported Android versions.
Downloads: 522
Size: 6,6 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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