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JustEat Courier
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JustEat Courier

With the utility, you can earn money by delivering food to Just Eat customers. It is possible to use GPS navigation and interactive maps to plan your routes.


JustEat Courier is an Android application for couriers in the UK and Ireland. It is possible to receive orders and earnings. Users can manage their work schedule.


The app allows you to earn money by delivering food to Just Eat customers. You can receive order notifications on your smartphone. There is information about the address of the institution and others.

The Just Eat couriers can track the status of orders from a smartphone in real-time. Moreover, it is possible to correspond with clients to clarify the details. It ensures quality and fast delivery. The utility does not require a commission from your income.

Just like in Hermes Courier, it is possible to work according to your own terms. The utility has a large client base that ensures orders and stable income. There are bonuses for inviting friends to the utility.

Navigation and reports

The utility supports GPS navigation and interactive maps. It allows you to plan your routes for fast delivery of your order. It is possible to turn off tracking of your location when you have a day off.

There are reports to evaluate and analyze your work. You can view income by time periods such as week, month, or year. Moreover, there are statistics such as the number of deliveries, duration, and distance.


  • you can earn money by delivering food to JustEat customers;
  • there is information about orders and statistics;
  • it is possible to use GPS navigation;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 108 Mb
OS version: Android 8.0
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