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Locket Live

Locket Live

This application is a widget for instant photo sharing. Thanks to this utility, it is possible to share moments from your life with loved ones in real time.


Locket Live is an Android utility that allows you to share images in real time. This application works as a widget displaying photos taken by your loved ones. To be specific, you can take and instantly send photos to share moments of joy.

Usage Guidelines

To begin using this app, it is necessary to install it on the devices of both users who wish to exchange photos. Multiple users can be connected, and separate widgets can be created for each participant. There is an option to invite friends from the contact list.

The app offers various settings that allow users to change the size and position of the widgets. Please note that Locket Live requests permission to access the camera and internal storage of the smartphone.

Photo Sharing

You can share your experiences in real time. Once a picture is taken, you can press the Send button to share it with all connected users. The shared content instantly appear on the widget of the recipient’s smartphone. The photo exchange speed depends solely on the stability of the internet connection.

The widget updates as soon as users share their photos. Users can check the history of received pictures, which can be saved to the gallery. Unlike Instagram, Locket Live does not send notifications.


  • designed for real-time photo sharing;
  • functions as a widget for the smartphone’s home screen;
  • allows instant photo sharing with loved ones;
  • supports the creation of multiple widgets;
  • app is free to use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 1697
Size: 7.2 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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