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Meez Nation

Meez Nation

With this app you can find new friends and chat on different topics. It is possible to create an avatar and choose clothes. There is an option to share content.


Meez Nation is an Android application that provides you access to a platform for communication and dating. The utility is intended for users over 13 years of age.


The app allows you to find new friends from all over the world. You can join different rooms with many people. It is possible to select chats based on topics such as sports, video games, romance and so on. Meez Nation provides you access to a virtual universe where you can be anyone and find like-minded people. Moreover, there is an option to share photos, videos, voice messages and so on. Some of these features are also available in YoYo.

In addition, you can create bright and colorful characters that will characterize you. Meez Nation is developed based on design and creativity. It is possible to try on outfits on your avatars and discuss fashion with your friends. The application regularly releases updates with new collections.

How to start

You need to create a profile and add some information about yourself. You can indicate your gender, your interests, date of birth and so on. Next, it is necessary to create an avatar using the built-in designer, where you can choose hair color, choose a hairstyle and much more.


  • there is an option to chat, make new friends and join rooms;
  • you can create an avatar using the built-in designer;
  • it is possible to exchange voice messages, photos and video content;
  • allows you to choose topics for communication;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 31
Size: 21,2 Mb
OS version: Android 4.0
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