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Meta Quest

Meta Quest

This app allows you to access the platform for virtual reality games and control Oculus devices. There is also an option to watch live sports or music broadcasts.


Meta Quest is an Android application that allows you to manage and configure your Oculus headset for virtual reality products. It is possible to access over 1000 utilities and games in the VR library.

VR platform

You can choose from various games and apps that are compatible with your Oculus device. Moreover, it is possible to watch live broadcasts, which include sports matches, music concerts, gaming tournaments and much more. Just like in EA PLAY, you can create a profile, add friends and monitor their activity. There is an option to invite other users to play together in virtual reality.

In addition, you can participate in various events that are held in different categories in virtual reality. It is necessary to connect your VR device to access all functions. Furthermore, there is an option to track your movement activity during games.


Meta Quest provides you access to a store of many applications and games. It is possible to choose different categories and genres. You can also use the search bar to find the required utility by name. There is an option to read the description, add to favorites, view promotions, and so on.


  • allows you to control VR devices and participate in events;
  • you can browse and buy different games and applications;
  • it is possible to invite friends for joint tournaments;
  • there is an option to watch live sports or music broadcasts;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 6
Size: 101 Mb
OS version: Android 6.0
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