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MV Master

MV Master

An application is designed for creating and processing videos based on photos. It is possible to apply various effects, filters, text, and music to the video.


MV Master is an application for Android, which is a simple and convenient video editor. With this utility, users can create short clips from one or more images.


At the start, you need to give the utility access to the smartphone’s gallery. The creation of videos is carried out exclusively using various templates. Note that there are a lot of them in the catalog, so they are divided into categories. You can choose from classic, love, festive, magical, scary, funny, Bollywood, religious, lyrical, dynamic, motivational, and more. For your convenience, the developers have provided a search bar where you can enter a name, type, or key query.

Video creation

After selecting a specific template, users are offered to upload one or more images from the smartphone’s gallery. Next, automatic processing begins. It is possible to save the result as is or modify it.

There are some editing tools in the app, similar to Beely. It is possible to apply various effects and filters, as well as add animated stickers, text, and music. It is worth noting that the utility puts a watermark with its logo on the video.


  • is designed to create clips from pictures;
  • it is possible to use various templates;
  • there are several editing tools including filters and effects;
  • you can share results via social networks and instant messengers;
  • the watermark remains on the edited videos;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 7
Size: 45,6 Mb
OS version: Android 4.1
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