This marine navigation app offers maps of numerous bodies of water all around the world with additional useful information for sailors and fisherpersons.

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Navionics is an application for Android mobile devices that can be useful for fishermen and sailors. It is a large software system to help people with catching aquatic species and marine navigation.

Detailed map

Besides a regular map with borders of bodies of water, Navionics contains various information layers with icons and symbols. Depending on the selected filter, it can be bathymetry, water currents, fish spawning locations, and many others.

The information for all these layers is contributed by other users and is updated regularly. The application features a vibrant community of people who explore rivers, lakes, and seas with echo-sounders. The gathered data is input into the Navionics system.

The application also uses GPS to track your location. You can save routes you have traveled or just plan to travel. It is possible to share them as well as download and review the most popular routes made by other people.

If you are planning to use a drone during your trip, the AirMap app can provide you the necessary information including flight rules and current air traffic.


  • app is free to download;
  • provides useful data for sailors and fisherpersons;
  • contains maps of seas, rivers, lakes, and many other bodies of water;
  • regular updates and input from community ;
  • simplifies marine navigation;
  • possibility to review and save your routes;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
Downloads: 8439
Size: 36,3 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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Android 5.0
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