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Nike FuelBand

Nike FuelBand

It is an app which allows you to track your activity, steps taken and progress. You can also set goals, receive recommendations and motivational words.


Nike FuelBand is an Android application that allows you to connect to a smart device for fitness and activity tracking. You can receive detailed data regarding your physical status.


To use this app, you will need a Nike Plus FuelBand SE smart device. The utility is optimized for phone models such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Moto X, HTC One and others. You can collect useful information regarding your activities. For example, there is an option to track the number of steps taken. You can set goals and tone your body. Moreover, it is possible to receive advice, recommendations, motivational words and so on. Some of these features are also available in HuaWise Fit.

In addition, you can measure your pulse. To do this, you need to firmly attach the device to your wrist. Nike FuelBand allows you to track the progress and intensity of certain activities. It is also possible to receive notifications if you are sitting for too long.


The application connects to the device using a wireless network. You only need to pair once to ensure you always have access to your monitored data. It is possible to fill out your profile, set an avatar, indicate your height and weight.


  • there is an option to connect the smart bracelet to your smartphone;
  • you can track your physical activity and measure your pulse;
  • it is possible to set goals and monitor progress;
  • allows you to receive recommendations and motivational words;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 3
Size: 19 Mb
OS version: Android 4.3
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