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Nike Training

Nike Training

This app helps you to train in any conditions under the guidance of experienced trainers. There is an option to get a nutrition program and a regular workout plan.


Nike Training is an Android application which allows you to train at home and in the gym. It is possible to get tips from professional trainers.


Thanks to this app, you can make your workouts effective at any location. There is cardio, strength training and other activities available. It is possible to properly use the fitness equipment in the gym under the guidance of instructors.

Moreover, there is an option to do yoga and improve your flexibility. Each workout is varied and personalized. Nike Training allows you to improve your endurance and build muscle mass with the strength-training programme.


Professional coaches help you to get more motivation. It is also possible to learn useful information on recovery and well sleep. Nutrition programs are also available for users. You can receive advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition, trainers will be able to help you in planning workouts. This allows you to get the right balance for your body.

Notifications and results

There is an option to set alerts for your upcoming workouts so you do not miss them. You can make notifications for nutrition, exercises, yoga and more. In addition, it is possible to track your results with special features. Nike Training helps to monitor your weight and activities. If you want to get more information about your results, you can use Google Fit.


  • it is possible to do workouts anywhere;
  • you can track your results;
  • there is an option to get advice from professionals;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 12
Size: 67,5 Mb
OS version: Android 8.0
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