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It is an app which allows you to get hundreds of books available to read online. There are various genres including adventure, science fiction, romance, etc.


NovelFull is an Android application which allows you to get hundreds of books available to read online. There are foreign novels translated into English.


The platform offers you various categories of popular books, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, light and web novels. Please note that the collection is regularly updated and replenished so that you always have something to do. Just like Sago, it is possible to highlight the main genres such as adventure, realism, martial arts, science fiction, romance, fantasy, CEO, detective stories and simple original stories.

NovelFull provides acclaimed best-sellers such as Koling the Dragon, Tales of Demons and Gods, The Void Age, The King’s Avatar, We Fight Above the Sky, etc. Furthermore, all books have an original translation. You can also download content to your phone and read anywhere you are without internet access.


The application has a simple and easy interface that provides you with a comfortable place for reading books. You can customize the font, including color, size, style and so on. It is possible to scale the page and control the brightness to see the full text. NovelFull allows you to change the background color to suit the time of day.


  • there is an option to read books of various genres with original translations;
  • you can download content to your device;
  • allows you to edit the page, font, theme and so on;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 71
Size: 11 Mb
OS version: Android 4.4
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