OPPO Music

OPPO Music

The application is a music player designed for smartphones from a well-known eponymous brand. This utility offers a standard set of options for listening to tracks.

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OPPO Music is an application for Android devices, which is designed to listen to music. The utility is developed by a well-known company for devices of this popular brand.


It is a system app and is automatically installed on various smartphone models from the Chinese company named above.


The application features an easy-to-use intuitive interface. Its main functions include:

  • selecting music tracks from the library;
  • listening and stopping the melody;
  • rewind;
  • pause;
  • track looping;
  • sound control;
  • other options.

To control listening, there are special buttons located on the smartphone screen. There is also a slider for fast rewinding the track.

The application allows you to create playlists and save them. At the start, you need to allow access to the internal storage of the mobile device. It is necessary for searching and sorting musical compositions.

Moreover, it is possible to look for and download various songs. Please note that the utility searches for compositions from open sources. Basically, Chinese servers and music libraries are presented here.

This utility offers you to view folders and find tracks in them. It supports various formats, such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and many more.


It is worth noting that the application is intended primarily for smartphones of the OPPO brand. Accordingly, it may not work correctly on devices from other manufacturers.


  • is designed to listen to music, similar to Walkman;
  • helps you to form playlists and save them;
  • is intended primarily for OPPO smartphones;
  • supports various formats;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 28,5 Mb
OS version: Android 4.1
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