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Ovia Fertility

Ovia Fertility

With this app you can track your menstrual cycle and ovulation days to maintain your wellness. There are over 2000 articles about health from professional doctors.


Ovia Fertility is an Android application that allows you to track your health data to keep your wellness. It is possible to predict your menstrual cycle.


With this utility you can maintain your health and track your fertility indicators. There is an option to collect various data about your body and understand when to visit the doctor. Ovia Fertility has an integrated calendar that displays important events and information related to your fertility and period. It is also possible to check ovulation days and your physical activity. In addition, the application protects your privacy and guarantees the safety of all your personal information.

Collecting data

In order to start tracking your fertility and period, you can complete the registration and enter necessary details. Once you see the homepage, you may explore various data about your health and learn how to react in certain cases. There is an option to predict your most fertile days and ovulation period. Ovia Fertility sends notifications to remind you when to go to the doctor and complete exercises.

Unlike AXA Health, this application contains over 2000 articles written by experts and therapists. You can read educational content to learn how to prevent health issues.


  • allows you to track your health data and fertility;
  • free to download and use;
  • has an integrated calendar that shows period days;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • it is possible to explore and read articles from professional experts.
Downloads: 5
Size: 22 Mb
OS version: Android 8.0
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