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Picture Insect

Picture Insect

This application is designed to help users identify different types of insects through pictures. There is an advanced image recognition technology and a built-in AI.


Picture Insect is an Android application capable of recognizing insects through photos. It can be used to find out the species, habitat, and perceived danger to humans.


The application requires access to the camera of your mobile phone. For the utility to correctly identify an insect, the photo should be taken from a close distance. It is not recommended to take pictures of several objects at the same time and in poor lighting conditions.

A high-quality photo will enable the application to run a comparative analysis and determine what kind of insect it depicts. You can get data about the genus, habitats, characteristics, coloration, scientific name, and classification.

Moreover, it is possible to read answers to popular questions. The area of habitat can also be visualized on a world map. As in PlantNet, the obtained info can be shared with friends via messengers and social networks. There is data on more than four thousand species of insects, and the recognition accuracy reaches up to 90 percent.


Within the app, you can log in, enter a name, and add an avatar. This will allow you to build your own virtual collection of detected and recognized insects. Queries history is also automatically saved in the personal profile.


  • identifies different types of insects;
  • employs advanced image recognition technology;
  • you can build your own collection;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 1
Size: 70,3 Mb
OS version: Android 9
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