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Pray As You Go

Pray As You Go

It is an app which allows you to get closer to God through teachings, articles and special podcasts. You can meditate and receive a plan for daily prayer.


Pray As You Go is an Android application that allows you to regularly dedicate yourself to God and pray. There is an option to access a large library of Bible-related content.


You can use the built-in calendar which will help you get up-to-date prayer times. Moreover, it is possible to listen to podcasts, read a blog and so on. You also have access to videos discussing various topics, including the Love of God, Dreams of Eden and many others. There is an option to read interesting facts that apply specifically to each day. This will help you improve your knowledge of the Bible and God.

Furthermore, Pray As You Go allows you to receive lessons that cover topics such as Quick Prayer, Mental Health, Kids Corner, Inspiration and so on. You can also take exams to test your knowledge level. The application contains calm melodies designed for meditation. Some of these features are also available in JW Library.


The main purpose of the utility is to help develop relationships and meditate on the word of God. You can read the scriptures. It is possible to access all content absolutely free. You do not need to register and go through the authorization process.


  • allows you to listen to meditation tunes, podcasts and so on;
  • you can get a daily plan for prayer;
  • there is an option to read interesting facts and improve your knowledge about the Bible;
  • it is possible to communicate with other users on the blog;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 6
Size: 137 Mb
OS version: Android 8.0
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