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The app is crucial for editing and formatting both videos and photos. Users can add effects, apply filters, and perform other tasks to enhance multimedia content.


PREQUEL is an app that offers editing features for both photos and videos, allowing users to enhance their media content with various effects and adjustments.


Similar to Ultralight, here users have access to a wide range of filters, including neon, vintage, and old film, which they can apply to both photos and videos. Additionally, the app provides options for adding fading in and out effects to enhance the visual appeal of media content.

The app offers more than 50 professional preset settings to enhance photos and videos. Users also have the ability to adjust playback speed and crop images to their liking.

All beauty filters can be used both in real-time and post-processing. The editor also allows for altering certain aspects of appearance: whitening teeth, removing any facial imperfections, and enhancing or highlighting features.

There is a built-in library of music and sound effects tailored for various moods. Users can overlay these compositions onto their videos.


Most of the mentioned features are available exclusively with the Pro version, which you can access after a free three-day trial period. However, to activate this trial, you need to provide payment information. Please note that an automatic charge will occur 24 hours before the trial ends.


  • it is possible to edit both photos and videos;
  • there is a wide range of different filters;
  • includes a built-in music catalog;
  • users can crop images and adjust the playback speed;
  • application is free to download and use;
  • compatible with supported Android versions.
Downloads: 31961
Size: 85,6 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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