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With this app you can change the interior of your rooms by using artificial intelligence. It is possible to explore various designs to get inspiration.


REimagine is an application for Android that allows you to generate the design of your rooms. There is an option to edit the interior online.

Basic information

With this utility you can change the design of your rooms and houses by using AI. It is possible to explore various interiors and get inspiration for your projects. You may also check the history of your creations and save some of the images to your favorites. Moreover, REimagine supports several formats of files such as PNG, JPEG, HEIC, HEIF and JPG.

How it works

It is possible to upload your photo and get the results in a few minutes. You can see the generated design and edit the details by your preferences. In addition, you may check the inputs which are used to create a certain interior. If you would like to explore the ideas, just like in AI Mirror, there is a homepage with different kinds of projects.

Once you generate several designs, you may check the history of your creations as well as download the images to your phone storage. It is also possible to try the features of the application without uploading the picture. Moreover, REimagine allows you to manually control the editing process by entering various details and settings. You can follow the Instagram account of the application to track the news and updates.


  • room design generator powered by AI;
  • it is possible to manually control the editing process;
  • there is an option to explore interiors to get inspiration;
  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 117
Size: 20 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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