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The app allows you to download game mods and earn money. You can receive free unlimited space and speed. It is also possible to share files with friends.


Sharemods is an Android application that allows you to share game mods, earn money and so on. You can upload your files to the platform’s cloud server, just like in pCloud.


There is an option to download mods for various games, including Farming Simulator, Grand Theft Auto, Cattle And Crops, Spintires, Fallout, Dota 2 and many others. It is possible to get unlimited upload speed and huge space for your files. Moreover, Sharemods allows you to use the platform’s available network for free. Please note that the application prohibits sharing movies, music, software and so on.

Furthermore, you can manage your files, including renaming, sorting and so on. It is important to note that removing mods takes a certain amount of time from six months to three years. There is an option to read the instructions for use if you have any questions or difficulties.


You can also make money from mods if you create them yourself. Each country has certain rates for your files. For example, it is possible to get 4200 points for 10 000 mods if you live in the USA, UK, Germany or France. Please note that 100 bonuses are equal to one dollar. Sharemods has a daily limit to prevent fraud.


  • allows you to download game modifications and earn money;
  • you can get endless space for your files and unlimited speed;
  • there is an option to share downloads with friends;
  • it is possible to receive one dollar per 100 points earned;
  • compatible with Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 2
Size: 30 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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