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With this app you can recognize the music to find out the name of popular tracks. It is possible to watch the music clips of songs and check the lyrics.


Shazam is an Android application that allows you to identify the name of the songs by recognizing music. There is an option to search the lyrics of tracks.


The utility is designed for recognizing music to find out the name of various songs. Users can check which tracks are popular in their countries and even cities. It is possible to see the artists and genre of compositions as well as cover images and highlights of video clips. There are also lyrics of popular songs so people may understand the meaning of music tracks. In addition, Shazam has a library and playlists which makes this application more convenient.

Searching for songs

It is possible to tap the main button on the homepage to start recognizing music. Once the app identifies the song, you may view the name, album, artist and image of tracks. There is an option to check how many times people searched for a certain composition. You can also listen to the full version of the music right in the utility. Moreover, Shazam allows you to share songs via Instagram and Meta as a post.

There is an option to identify the music tracks while streaming them on YouTube and Spotify as well. If the application does not recognize the song, you may search again by tapping the same shazam button.


  • helps to find the name of songs by recognizing music;
  • there is an option to share tracks via social media;
  • free to download and use;
  • contains lyrics of songs and video clips;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 388
Size: 30,7 Мб
OS version: 9
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