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Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

This utility is an intelligent alarm clock and a tracker that monitors your sleep phases. The app wakes you up at the most optimal time, ensuring an easy wake-up.


Sleep Cycle is an Android utility that monitors your sleep phases and wakes you up at the optimal time. This application functions as both a tracker and an intelligent alarm clock.


This mobile software analyzes sounds and vibrations. Thus, the application can track your movements during sleep and identify light and deep sleep phases. Based on collected data, Sleep Cycle selects the best moment to wake you up, making sure you feel well rested and refreshed.

In order to use this app effectively, you have to place your device near you before sleeping. You can choose to put the smartphone on the bed, nightstand, or floor, but please make sure not to move it under the pillow or blanket. The utility requires microphone access as well.

Sleep Cycle Includes such functions as:

  • waking during light sleep phase;
  • statistics and graphs;
  • sleep phase analysis;
  • selection of pleasant melodies;
  • customizable alarm intervals.

It is worth noting that you can alter the alarm time by double-tapping the phone screen or shaking the device.

Advanced Options

This app offers several premium functions available through a paid subscription. Those features include:

  • data backup and storage;
  • tools to help fall asleep faster;
  • snore recording and analysis;
  • information about dreams and sleep quality parameters;
  • long-term sleep quality statistics and graphs;
  • exporting data to Excel.

To help you falling asleep, the utility provides relaxing music, nature sounds, landscapes, and ASMR content.


  • analyzes sounds and vibrations;
  • functions as a smart alarm and sleep tracker;
  • collects sleep phase statistics;
  • ensures easy and effective waking, similar to Sleep as Android;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 16
Size: 122 Mb
OS version: Android 6.0
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