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This neural network from Microsoft is designed for creating presentations. The app offers an option to use a smart slide builder, add texts, and images.


Sway is a neural network that allows users to create presentations on Android smartphones and other devices. This service offers you to use artificial intelligence to automatically generate slides.

Presentation Generator

Sway web app by Microsoft helps you simplify the process of working with presentations. Users do not have to create sliders manually. There is an option to upload text and images, from which the AI generates slides automatically.

This tool works as a presentation builder that uses AI algorithms. In other words, the service can export data from Word files, OneNote, and cloud storage. Moreover, it is possible to add photos and videos.

Please note that, unlike the Beautiful AI neural network, in Sway users have to write the text themselves. Images for the presentation can be uploaded from the smartphone or found through the embedded search engine.


In order to begin using this web app, it is necessary to create a profile with your Microsoft account. Next, you have to upload the text and media files that should comprise the presentation. The AI will automatically distribute the added elements across slides. Users can manually edit and add titles, lists, links, and other elements.

You can download the completed presentation in Word or PDF format. Please keep in mind that this neural network does not support export in PPTX resolution.


  • it is possible to create presentations using AI algorithms;
  • includes a smart file builder;
  • there is a built-in image search;
  • supports integration with cloud storage;
  • app is free to use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 40
Size: 79,1 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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