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Sync ME

Sync ME

This application is for identifying phone calls. The utility allows you to get information about unknown callers and, if necessary, add them to a blacklist.


Sync ME is a call identifier software for Android devices. The utility helps you gather information about unknown callers and protect against scammers.

Number Database

With this mobile software, it is possible to find out who is calling without picking up the phone. Similar to Eyecon, Sync ME features a wide database of phone numbers with details about the callers. The service allows you to identify the user from whom the call originated or search for them manually by entering the phone number.

To ensure proper functionality of the utility, please allow access to contacts and install the Sync ME as a default calling app. Thus the utility also provides current photos of users whose numbers are saved in the phone book as well as their ID verification.


There is an option to Blacklist some callers. Thus, you can block spammers, scammers, and telemarketers.

Sync ME also supports call recording. This feature allows users to save phone interactions with scammers and use these audio files as evidence if needed.

The app displays a top spammers list with their numbers, names, and spam reports. It is possible to create block lists.

It is important to note that once the app permissions are granted, the service will automatically send an SMS to all contacts, inviting them to install the app via a link. The cost of sending SMS messages will be charged to the user.


  • allows you to identify unknown numbers;
  • there is a blacklist function;
  • registration with Google account;
  • missed call assistant;
  • call recording option;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 20
Size: 24,9 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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