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This app allows you to back up your files, including photos, videos, messages, contacts and so on. You can sync with the cloud for automatic regular transfers.


SynciOS is an Android application which allows you to recover deleted files, including photos, videos, messages, and so on. You can also use backup to avoid losing important documents.


You can use powerful tools to manage your smartphone and copy files. There is an option to get several ways to save your documents. It is possible to sync the app with Dropbox to transfer your photos, videos, messages to the cloud. Moreover, SynciOS allows you to connect to your PC. For this, you need to use a USB cable.

In addition, if your phone supports a SD card, you can apply it for backup. You do not have to manually select specific files as you can choose a category for the automatic process. There is also an option to activate scheduled backups such as weekly or daily. Some of these features are also available in ADB OTG.


You can quickly restore all the necessary files that were previously copied. It will help you easily recover all videos, photos, messages, contacts and so on in case of loss or deletion on your phone. The application has a simple interface with easy navigation, so it will not be difficult for you to do all the actions yourself.


  • allows you to copy the necessary files to a PC, cloud or SD card;
  • the utility syncs with Dropbox;
  • it is possible to quickly recover documents, videos, photos and so on;
  • there is an option to set automatic backups;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 1
Size: 4,7 Mb
OS version: Android 3.0
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