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This is an application for planning appointments and creating tasks. It is possible to make checklists with subcategories, use the habit tracker, and set up calendar reminders.


Tappsk is a daily scheduler for Android mobile devices. With this app, you can plan important meetings, make shopping lists and create tasks that need attention.


The application combines a planner, habit tracker, reminder, and calendar. This software is designed with productivity in mind. You can create to-do lists, break them down into stages and categorize them. Also, it is possible to set the number and time of the reminders.

Tappsk allows users to set repeating daily tasks that do not require adding each time again. After execution or completion, notes are saved in the history timeline. Also, reports are automatically provided every week.

Items, lists, and tasks can be marked with different colors for easy navigation. Synchronization with the calendar is provided to control appointments scheduled for a specific date. You may add voice notes with checklists or use a specialized journaling app like Zinnia.

Habit tracker

With this application, it is possible to keep track of actions and develop habits. This can be beneficial if you want to improve health, train discipline, and practice self-development. The utility offers various functions like tools for counting days without smoking or guided supportive meditations.

The collection includes the 40 most popular habits with reminders. Among them are regular workouts, taking medicine, reading literature, waking up early, learning foreign languages, and others. If necessary, you can add your own items to the list.


  • ability to create checklists, appointments, and tasks;
  • positive change habit tracker with reminders;
  • calendar synchronization is supported for booked time control;
  • voice notes are available;
  • weekly reports and history of tasks;
  • the application is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
Downloads: 2345
Size: 120,9 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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