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Text to speech

Text to speech

This neural network is designed for text-to-speech synthesis with artificial intelligence. You can use male and female voices, as well as add sound effects.


Text to speech is a neural network designed to generate speech based on entered text. This web application converts written messages into sound, creating fast and lifelike narration on smartphones running Android and other devices.

Voice Selection

The neural network allows creating audio files with sounds in different languages, including English, French, German, Russian, and others.

Similar to the Speechify app, the neural network offers a wide selection of male and female voices. There is an option to adjust the speech speed according to your preferences.

The neural network can mimic the voices of Santa Claus and other characters. With the help of AI algorithms, it’s possible to narrate fairy tales and presentations. Artificial intelligence can record texts with voices of children, robots, old people, animals, etc.

Text Narration

To begin using this neural network, you have to sign in with your Google account or other email. After that, you need to insert the text that needs to be narrated and select a suitable voice. There is an option to set the pitch and volume of the speech. Adding an echo effect and adjusting the sound frequency is also available.

You can use the neural network for various purposes, such as creating audio content, developing applications with voice interfaces, narrating presentations, and much more.

It should be noted that the maximum amount of text that AI can narrate is five thousand characters per request. The audio recording can be saved in WAV or MP3 format. New voices are regularly added to the service. Some features are available for a subscription fee.


  • it is possible to narrate text using the neural network;
  • there is a wide selection of voices;
  • customizable sound settings;
  • users can add sound effects;
  • application is free to download and use;
  • compatible with supported Android versions.
Downloads: 101
Size: 84,1 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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