The app is created for money transfers, electronic payments, and card management. Users have the ability to check their balance and review their transaction history.

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TytoCash is an Android application that offers a convenient method to conduct financial transactions. Users can transfer money to their family and friends. The utility offers to pay for goods and services from your smartphone.

Payments and transfers

The app offers a wide range of options for making payments. It is possible to settle utilities, mobile communications, the Internet, and others. You can purchase goods, food, tickets for events, dishes in restaurants, and more directly from your smartphone.

TytoCash allows users to transfer money between each other. There is an option to send funds by specifying the recipient’s phone number or email address. It is helpful to easily and quickly top up the cards of your relatives, friends, or colleagues.

The utility also supports NFC technology, like PayPal, which enables payments to be made contactless. It allows you to pay for goods in stores without a physical credit or debit card.

Card management and security

Users can check their current balance and transaction history. The app gives you access to information about every transaction, including details like the date, time, sender, recipient, amount, and more. It is a helpful feature for managing accounts and detecting fraudulent activities.

Moreover, this utility allows using modern encryption and identification technologies. You can set passwords or biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition. It is possible to receive notifications about successful payments, low balances, and other relevant updates.


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