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This utility can help you rate your attractiveness and improve your appearance. There is a collection of tips on how to stay in shape and create a healthy routine.


Umax is an Android application that allows you to find out more about your physical appearance. The utility can help you analyze the attractiveness of your face. Please note that the app is more oriented towards people who want to improve their masculine features.


In order to start analyzing your appearance you have to take front, angled, and side selfies. As a result you can get access to individual ratings of your facial features such as cheekbones, skin quality, and jawline. It is also possible to check the level of your masculinity and potential of your look.

The developers claim that you can improve your attractiveness if you follow individual recommendations in the app. There is a list of general advice about your features. For example, you can analyze your face shape and decide the best hairstyle for you. In addition, you may read some suggestions to improve your skincare routine, choice of clothing, etc.

Pro and free

Technically it is possible to get access to individual ratings and recommendations for free. But first you have to invite three friends to the app. There is also an option to purchase a weekly subscription for around 5 USD.

Umax has a free advice section where you can find a short but useful collection of tips on four main topics:

  • face;
  • body;
  • style;
  • essentials.

It is worth noting that the access to the advice section does not require a paid subscription. There are basic recommendations on how to maintain your body in a great physical shape. You can also find out about different skincare routines, products, and techniques. For helpful insights on healthy eating, please check out the Holland and Barrett app.


  • allows you to rate your attractiveness;
  • it is possible to learn many self-care tips;
  • individual ratings and suggestions require pro subscription;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 7
Size: 35,3 Mb
OS version: Android 6.0
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