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Wynk Music

Wynk Music

This application is designed for listening to music and podcasts. The utility contains a vast number of tracks in various genres, including popular Bollywood hits.


Wynk Music is an app for Android that offers a huge collection of songs. You can also listen to podcasts. Please note, this app is mostly for people who like Indian music and Bollywood songs.


The homepage of the application demonstrates top charts of the most popular songs, as well as recent releases from Indian and international artists.

There is a separate tab for the user’s personal library where they can add favorite tracks from the available catalog. The utility offers approximately six million tracks in genres such as hip hop, K-pop, Punjabi beats, and others. The main content of the application is Indian music and songs in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and other languages.


Wynk Music provides streaming in HD quality. Users have an option to listen to live concert streams and podcasts.

The application includes a built-in music player. Users can create their own playlists and listen to recommended ones. It’s possible to play personally curated tracks and follow favorite artists.

Online radio is available. Users can download favorite songs for offline listening. The utility is compatible with Google Assistant and Chromecast.


  • designed for listening to music and podcasts;
  • contains an extensive catalog of tracks;
  • users can choose genres;
  • the utility also includes a variety of Indian compositions;
  • application is free to download and use;
  • compatible with supported Android versions.
Downloads: 574
Size: 16,8 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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