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Yuneec Pilot

Yuneec Pilot

The app is a travel drone companion that offers a range of options for Mantis series quadcopter users. It is possible to control your device and adjust settings.


Yuneec Pilot is an Android application developed for the Mantis series drones by Yuneec International Co., Ltd. With this companion tool, you can control your quadcopter, adjust its settings, and share your media.

Controls and adjustment

You have the ability to control your drone with different methods. It is possible to use voice commands and gestures to tell your device what to do, such as take off, land, follow me, or return home. Alternatively, you can apply the virtual joystick on your smartphone screen to manually manage your quadcopter’s movement, speed, and direction.

There is an option to adjust your camera settings and modes. You can choose from different resolutions, frame rates, and fields of view for your video recording. There are different photo modes, such as single shot, burst, or interval. Moreover, you may change the exposure, white balance, and ISO settings.

Maneuvers and sharing

There is a Smart Shots option that offers predefined flight maneuvers including orbit, journey, or point of interest. You can mark multiple waypoints on the map, and your drone will fly along them while recording or taking photos.

It is possible to share your media with your friends and family. You can preview your photos and videos on your smartphone, and edit them with the built-in media editor. There is an integrated live streaming function, which allows you to broadcast your drone’s view to your audience in real time.


  • is a companion for the Mantis series drones;
  • it is possible to control flight and adjust settings, similar to DJI Pilot;
  • you can share media with friends and conduct live broadcasts;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 27
Size: 72,1 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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