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Zank Remote

Zank Remote

This application allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for Android TV Box and Amazon Fire devices. It is possible to configure a virtual gamepad.


Zank Remote is an Android utility that offers you tools to control TV set-top boxes with your smartphone. This application transforms your mobile device into a universal remote, supporting all necessary functions.


This utility allows you to use your device as a wireless controller for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV Box. The application supports mouse control or direct screen interaction. You can also turn your mobile device into a gamepad when playing games on your TV.

Zank Remote features a virtual keyboard and Dpad navigation. There are options for turning the screen on or off, adjusting volume, and transferring files.


To begin usng the app, you have to connect your smartphone to digital media players via WiFi. To utilize additional features, the program has to be installed on both smartphone and TV.

The app integrates with home automation systems. In order to initiate integration, please ensure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network and then start the search process.


This utility allows you to manually adjust mouse sensitivity and Air Mouse settings. You can enable vibration feedback for button presses, Dpad control when scrolling the Back button, and display a side panel for scrolling.

In case the app fails to connect to the TV when launched, there is an automatic search function.


  • it is possible to transform your smartphone into a TV remote control;
  • there is an option to sync with Android TV Box and Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes;
  • virtual mouse and keyboard support;
  • similar to Peel Smart Remote, connection is carried out via WiFi;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 23
Size: 5,8 Mb
OS version: Android 4.1
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