This section provides all the compilations of apps that are available on our web portal Thanks to this, users can explore a variety of new utilities and find the most helpful software for their mobile devices.

There is a certain theme in each compilation. Here, it is possible to find mini catalogs: messengers, banking apps, social services, utilities for listening to music and so on.

All the compilations are made manually by the editors of our website, therefore, they can be subjective. At the same time, we try to include the best utilities for each category. We select applications by one simple formula: popularity and usefulness.   

If you think there are some apps missing out in a certain compilation, please, let us know about it in the comments section. We would be grateful for that and will consider the possibility of adding the utility you mentioned on the thematic list.

Please note, each compilation goes with detailed information, thanks to which, users can find out about apps key features. Before writing the texts, the editors of our web portal test the apps themselves. This allows authors not only to make sure about utilities reliability but also tell about their advantages and disadvantages.

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