Workout Apps for Android

A selection of sports applications for smartphones running on Android. These apps give users the ability to select exercises, as well as record and analyze their physical activity.

The popular Home Workout app is designed to keep your body toned. It allows you to determine an individual load. In order to get the required information, a survey is conducted to discover the user’s physical capabilities and goals for training. The application automatically creates a training plan for a month. In addition, it has instructional videos about various available exercises. The app records the statistics for all completed activities. You can manually add weight and calorie data. This information is displayed in the form of graphs. The application also sends notifications, reminding you to perform exercises regularly.

The Sworkit app allows you to create an individual plan for sports activities. It provides personalization of classes for the current physical level of the user. You can choose exercises for the elderly or people with chronic diseases. The application also offers to try the technique of interval circuit training. This means, you can choose exercises for specific body parts.

Thanks to the Endomondo app, it is possible to track the effectiveness of outdoor workouts. The application is designed to capture and collect statistical data while running, rowing, cycling or walking. The app has a built-in map on which the training route and speed of movement are marked. At the end of the exercise, it displays the amount of burned calories and the heart rate. The training history is saved automatically.

The official app from the popular sportswear and footwear company, Nike Training gives you access to a dedicated catalog of workouts designed for home use. It is possible to choose a load to work out specific muscle groups. The Android application supports a wide range of exercises that allow you to train without the help of a fitness instructor.

Full description
Android 5.0

This application offers programs for personalized home workouts. There are strength training, yoga, stretching, and cardio classes accompanied by video instructions.

Android 4.0.3

This is an application for tracking your results while running, cycling, or rowing. The utility has a community of sports fans and an interactive map.

Nike Training
Android 8.0

This app helps you to train in any conditions under the guidance of experienced trainers. There is an option to get a nutrition program and a regular workout plan.