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The mobile app helps rewrite texts. Tools know how to match the words to the right writing style. You will also be able to check grammar and plagiarism.


Quillbot is an Android application for rewriting text. Artificial Intelligence helps you quickly reword a sentence, a paragraph or the whole text.


The mobile app will be the perfect assistant in working with texts. The utility knows how to paraphrase sentences, suggests synonyms and enhances the meaning of what is written. Tools will be helpful for students, writers, bloggers and other professionals related to texts. For those who like to write quick notes, there is Zinnia in the store. It is a creative notepad for ideas and sketches.

Quillbot can rewrite a word phrase or full text. Users insert sentences, and the utility automatically suggests new choices. Tools improve writing, cut out unnecessary words and help convey meaning.

You have the opportunity to work with improved text. The utility highlights words and makes comments, suggesting other options for substitution. You may choose what you think best reflects the message.


Quillbot has advanced options available for premium accounts. This version has even more texting functions. For example, you can choose the audience you want to rework your text for. This option selects an appropriate writing style.

It is possible to check texts for plagiarism. The utility indicates the percentage. If there are matches, you will see a link to the source. Furthermore, you can check grammar so that there are no errors in the letter.


  • utility instantly paraphrases the text;
  • there are a large number of functions for quality work with the letter;
  • application is in early access;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
Downloads: 6176
Size: 618 Kb
OS version: Android 5.0
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