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The app allows you to upload your tracks to popular music platforms and gain popularity. It is possible to log in as a fan and listen to different songs.


ReverbNation is an Android application that is developed to promote the works of artists. This utility can help you achieve success in your career and gain popularity around your work.


The app allows you to grow and gain popularity with a set of features. You can promote your music on the most popular sites in the world and engage your fans using this platform. There is also an option to sell your songs and receive royalties for them if they are broadcast, performed, listened to, etc. Moreover, you may create a website to make sharing content even easier.

In addition, you can gain momentum from honest feedback from listeners and fans of your work. If you have already gained enough popularity, it is possible to receive listings of performances at the local and national levels. There is an option to make deals with labels and producers.


You can join the platform as an artist or a fan. It is possible to create an account using Google or Facebook. You will be asked to select a subscription in order to get access. ReverbNation has free, basic and premium versions, the difference being functionality. If you are logged in as a music lover, you can access thousands of tracks, just like in Pulsar.


  • allows you to upload your songs and gain popularity;
  • you can sell tracks and receive money for being listened to or broadcast;
  • there is an option to make deals with labels;
  • it is possible to receive feedback from your fans;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 5
Size: 28 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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