Wallpapers and Launchers for Android

Android launchers allow you to completely change the visual design of your smartphone system. With their help, you can update your mobile device interface, no matter what firmware is installed on it. This section contains the best apps which help to easily transform the system shell and make it more functional.

Android launchers allow you to change the appearance of your desktop, shortcuts, notification panel, lock screen and animation. Additionally, it is possible to adjust the apps menu and add sorting by category or alphabet order. You can change the desktop grid, icon parameters, scroll format and more. The utilities support 3D effects and live wallpapers.

The features of launchers are not limited to changing the interface and appearance of the shell. Many apps can expand the functionality and improve system performance. They allow you to set up gestures, multitasking, navigation, personalization and security. Some utilities support immersive mode, smart search, built-in widgets, shortcut keys, adaptive icons, and unique themes as well.

In this section, you can download a launcher for Android or an app for installing live wallpapers. There are utilities with various functions which help not only change the interface of the smartphone system, but also build a new ecosystem with huge opportunities. It is possible to learn more about the features of each application in the description.

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Launcher iOS 16
Android 4.1
Rating: 4 from 5

An app for designing a smartphone’s appearance in the style of an iPhone. It is possible to change the system interface, design of icons, animations, and desktop.

Android 4.1
Rating: 0 from 5

This is a wallpaper app. The utility provides access to a catalog with characters from the movie Fantastic Beasts. Images are of FullHD, 2k and 4k quality.

Android 5.0
Rating: 5 from 5

This is an app for updating your smartphone’s system design. You may change the wallpaper, themes, icons and other elements. You will find your favorite characters.

Galaxy Themes
Android 5.0
Rating: 0 from 5

This is an app to customize the interface of the phone. Stylish themes transform all the components. Owners of Samsung gadgets can create a unique visual.

iPhone 11 Launcher
Android 4.2
Rating: 3 from 5

The application brings the iOS design to your Android smartphone. Users can change the visual theme, background picture, icon appearance, and other parameters.